We offer housekeeping services which include cleaning floors, dusting, laundry, etc.
Let us sit and care for your elderly or disabled loved one while the primary caregiver is away from home.
Personal Care
We offer bathing assistance, grooming, medication reminders, eating, toileting, nail care and other various services.
We offer companionship for the home bound such as, conversation, reading or writing cards and letters - simply being a caregiver for the individual.
We offer all services for disabled individuals under the age of 65 as well.
Veterans Program
We offer all our services for those veterans who qualify. Also covered surviving spouses of qualified veterans.

About Us

Above & Beyond Home Care aides in maintaining the elderly and disabled in their own home by assisting with home maintenance, personal care, companionship, and supervision. We are able to monitor disease processes, and to ensure a safe environment. We offer services in Randolph, Lawrence, Greene, Clay, Sharp, Jackson, Fulton, Stone, Izard, Independence, Cleburne and Baxter counties in Arkansas. Read More...